Welcome friends! Joanna and I are a pop-folksy gospel, singer duo living in KY. If you aren’t familiar with our music, feel free to check out the videos below or listen to some of our favorites by clicking on the player button above. Visit our bandcamp page , or CD store, if you’d like to make our music a part of your personal collection and support our efforts.

If you’re interested in having us come to your area, we’d love to have an opportunity to partner with you in a future worship event or perform a concert in your church or venue-even if the venue is your home!

Our ministry, Sweet Communion Music, is a part of A.C.T. Intl., an arts ministry and missions sending organization mobilizing ministry-hearted artists and creatives for Christ’s work around the world. We consider ourselves to be in(ter)dependent  artists because we are supported by partners that enable us to continue encouraging the church, empowering artists, and reaching out with the Gospel through music. If you’d like to know more about partnering with us you can find out more here.