Outreach and Mission

This paragraph could be a little about Matt and Joanna's outlook on, and calling to, projects at home and outside of the country as well. 

International Partnership – Haiti

In 2016 we connected with a recording studio at the Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe, Haiti. Since then we have had the opportunity to spend over a month in Haiti working with a Haitian producer and seven talented young-adult Haitian artists. Over the past year the team in Haiti has completed a full-length album, and two music videos.  It will be released sometime in the Spring of 2018. The purpose of this partnership is to learn from one another about our different cultures, grow in music production techniques, and to reach out and encourage the people of Haiti through culturally relevant Gospel music.

Our Community

Our five year weekly chapel team ministry at Lincoln Village Detention Center came to an end this year (June, 2017) when the facility closed. Although we remain committed to serving and reaching out in our community in different ways we are still searching for an opportunity as rich as this one was. Our current community focus is centered on connecting with, training, and encouraging local artists. Learn more about how we are working with those artists by clicking the link below.