We Are In(ter)dependent Musicianaries

Our ministry, Sweet Communion Music, is funded by people who want to join us in our calling. God has put a vision in our hearts that we can’t accomplish on our own. We will continue to be on mission with the support of crazy awesome people like you!

We are building a team of 60 financial partners to help us reach our ministry goals. When you support our general fund it helps us devote time to all three of the areas below.

Partner With Us

If you’d like to know more read on below, or contact us directly at (270) 681-0615 or email: matt [at] mjblack [dot] com, and we will set up a face to face appointment or video chat to share our story and vision.

Local Missions

We believe that mission work for every Christian begins where they live.  (Acts 1:8)

In 2011, God opened the door for us to help in leading worship in chapel services with a team from our home church at Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center. Lincoln Village is Central Kentucky’s correctional facility for teens (sometimes even children) under 18. Some of these young men and women are being detained for misdemeanor offenses or are being tried as an adult for more serious crimes. We get to spend about an hour to an hour and a half in chapel services each Sunday night and return on Tuesday evenings for one on one meetings with residents who want to talk more their relationship with Jesus. Over the years we have seen many teens receive Jesus and be baptized, or make the decision to not just believe but to commit their lives and go deeper with Him.

This unique ministry has been a perfect opportunity to connect with teens who otherwise wouldn’t go to church or who have never been. Many are coming because they are at a place where they are in crisis and are spiritually searching. Sometimes they come just because they need a change of pace, but end up connecting with God instead! We have a vision of these young men and women bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and not perpetuating the kingdom of hell in their lives, family, and community. By becoming a financial partner with our ministry you will be helping us devote our time weekly to help these teenagers connect with Jesus. 

International Missions Partnership – Haiti

We believe God has called every Christian to be connected to missions around the world.  (Matthew 28:18-19)

Last year we connected with a recording studio at the Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe, Haiti and spent 10 days there working with a Haitian producer and six young Haitian artists. We recorded 4 songs during our stay and we are planning a return trip this fall to finish the project and help record some music videos. The purpose of this partnership is to learn from one another about music production and outreach through culturally relevant music. We and our new Haitian friends have the goal of creating higher quality Christ-focused music so that they can increase the reach of their works throughout Haiti through the internet and other broadcast channels. While at home Matt is devoting many hours of time mixing the project. By financially partnering with us you will be helping us devote time to complete this project and fund our trip to Haiti later this year.

Missional Music Production

We believe that God uses every Christian’s unique talents to reach out to world with the Gospel.  (Ephesians 2:10)

In our lives music is a primary gift that God uses as a catalyst for change in people’s hearts. Creative musical projects require both time to create and money to pay a team of skilled artists to make the ending result inspiring. Our two overall desires in our music ministry is to help people encounter Jesus, and to encourage people as they follow Him. We currently have about 10 songs and video ideas that we want to produce and share, but we are limited by our current ministry budget to reach our production goals.  By financially partnering with us, you can help us impact and change lives by creating more quality Christ-focused music and shareable media this year.

Partner With Us

More Ways to Help

We would also like to enlist your help by asking you to pray for the three ongoing projects above. Please contact us if you have an opportunity for us to share in concert, house shows, retreats, worship events, or other opportunities outside of church walls where we can fulfill the heart of our calling. Sign up for our email updates to see ways you may be able to join in with us in the future!

Sweet Communion Music is a ministry department of: