We Are In(ter)dependent Artists

Sweet Communion Music is a partnership funded music and missions ministry. We can’t accomplish our vision on our own. We will continue creating and sharing life-changing music and media with the support of crazy awesome people like you!


We are building a team of 40 financial partners to help us reach our goals. When you support our general fund it helps us devote time to all three of the areas below.


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If you’d like to know more read on below, or contact us directly at (270) 681-0615 or email: matt [at] mjblack [dot] com, and we will set up a face to face appointment or video chat to share our story and vision.


Our Community

Our five year weekly chapel team ministry at Lincoln Village Detention Center came to an end this year (June, 2017) when the facility closed. Although we remain committed to serving and reaching out in our community in different ways we are still searching for an opportunity as rich as this one was. Our current community focus is centered on connecting with, training, and encouraging local artists.


Residents Encountering Christ 2017 W. U. T. Band – Northpoint Prison


International Partnership – Haiti

In 2016 we connected with a recording studio at the Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe, Haiti. Since then we have had the opportunity to spend over a month in Haiti working with a Haitian producer and seven talented young-adult Haitian artists. Over the past year the team in Haiti has completed a full-length album, and two music videos.  It will be released sometime in the Spring of 2018. The purpose of this partnership is to learn from one another about our different cultures, grow in music production techniques, and to reach out and encourage the people of Haiti through culturally relevant Gospel music.  By financially partnering with us you will be helping us devote time and resources to help wrap up and distribute this project.



Music and Media Production

Creative media projects require both time to create and money to pay a team of skilled artists to make the ending result inspiring. We currently have about 10 songs and video ideas that we want to produce and share, but we are limited by our current ministry budget to reach our production goals.  By financially partnering with us, you can help us impact and change lives around the world by enabling us to create quality Jesus-inspired shareable music and media content this year.



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More Ways to Help

We would also like to enlist your help by asking you to pray for the three ongoing projects above. Please contact us if you have an opportunity for us to share in concert, house shows, retreats, worship events, or other opportunities outside of church walls where we can fulfill the heart of our calling. Sign up for our email updates to see ways you may be able to join in with us in the future!


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